Spanish Venice: Empuriabrava - paradise for sailors on the Costa Brava.

May 23, 2024
by admin

The marina is like a whole city, including hotels, restaurants, shops, banks, medical services, and even an airport for light aircraft.

Spanish Venice: Empuriabrava - Paradise for Sailors on the Costa Brava

Empuriabrava, known among sailors as the "Spanish Venice," attracts with its unique atmosphere and excellent infrastructure. This city on the Costa Brava is famous for its mild climate, beautiful nature, fashionable houses, and numerous marinas for yachts and boats. Its excellent location (just 54 km from Girona Airport and 140 km from Barcelona) annually attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Features and Infrastructure of Empuriabrava

The city earned its nickname thanks to its 23 kilometers of navigable canals that intersect it, creating numerous cozy "islands." Here, much like in Venice, you can park your boat right by your house and enjoy walks along picturesque canals.

The Empuriabrava marina offers 5000 mooring spaces for yachts, with 700 designed for vessels ranging from 6 to 25 meters in length. The water depth allows for yachts with a draft of up to 2.2 meters. The marina resembles a whole city, incorporating hotels, restaurants, shops, banks, medical services, and even an airport for light aircraft. The noise and active water traffic add a special charm to the place, creating an atmosphere of lively and dynamic leisure.

Sightseeing and Active Leisure

In addition to its warm sea and magnificent beaches, Empuriabrava is famous for its attractions. It is here that the great surrealist artist Salvador Dalí was born. The Mediterranean climate with 300 sunny days a year makes the city an ideal place for various types of active leisure: golf, skydiving, fishing, diving, cycling, and horseback riding.

The aerodrome, now a center for skydiving, became the finishing touch in forming the city's unique communication system. The architecture of Empuriabrava, done in Mediterranean style with two- and three-story houses, creates a harmonious and cozy appearance for the city.

Results and Disadvantages

Empuriabrava offers excellent relaxation in a peaceful atmosphere where boats are the primary means of transportation, and the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea are within easy reach. However, it should be noted that from October to May, the city becomes quieter, and the infrastructure during this time is significantly limited.


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