L'Estartit, the Gateway to the Medes Islands - Natural Wonder of the Region

May 21, 2024
by admin

L'Estartit - one of the best places on the Costa Brava, nestled between the mouth of the Ter River and the Montgrí Mountains.

Its 3,000 residents owe their community to its inclusion in the municipality of Torroella de Montgrí. L'Estartit, located in the Baix Empordà region of Girona, is conveniently situated between the sea and the mountains, making it very popular among tourists. Just 900 meters from the shore lies one of the region's most beautiful natural wonders — the Medes Islands.

The Medes Islands, once a haven for pirates and corsairs, are now one of the main marine reserves in the western Mediterranean. In 2010, they were declared a Protected National Natural Park. Seven small islands and other rocky cliffs, covering a total area of 21.5 hectares, are home to a diverse range of marine and terrestrial fauna.

L'Estartit attracts enthusiasts of diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and other water sports. The Port of L'Estartit, recently renovated and equipped with over 700 berths for boats ranging from 4 to 30 meters in length, provides all the necessary facilities for their maintenance.

Thanks to its unique location between the counties of Alt and Baix Empordà, L'Estartit offers its guests breathtaking views of the Catalan coast. To the north, there is Cap de Creus and the Bay of Roses; to the south, the long sandy beaches of L'Estartit and Pals; and the picturesque coves of Begur with crystal-clear waters provide endless opportunities for relaxation.

The history of L'Estartit begins with a small fishing village first mentioned in 1716. During the tourism boom on the Costa Brava, it became a popular holiday destination for Dutch and French visitors. Along the long sandy beach of L'Estartit, there is ample free parking, which sets it apart from many other resort towns.

The main attractions are the Medes Islands, located about a kilometer from the shore. This archipelago consists of seven islets of varying sizes, from small rocks to the large Meda Gran Island with a lighthouse. In 2010, the islands were declared a national natural park due to their rich marine flora and fauna.

Historians have established that the islands were frequently visited by pirates, who used them as a base for attacks on coastal towns. This is why L'Estartit was founded only after piracy in the Mediterranean became rare.

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