Fishing for big fish on board Faeton 790 Moraga

Sport fishing for big fish with a Spanish captain

Tuna fishing offers an exhilarating and adventurous experience, with even seasoned anglers finding a worthy opponent in this powerful and sizable fish. The primary method for catching tuna is sea trolling, with baiting playing a crucial role. Smaller fish are chopped and thrown into the water to create a trail that attracts the tuna. The success of catching large tuna depends significantly on their size. When a big tuna is hooked, it is advisable to remove the rod from its holder and use a waist support. The reel must be high-speed because tuna are extremely fast, requiring quick retrieval of the line when the fish begins to slacken.

Fishing usually concludes with a photo session featuring the catch and an outdoor dinner. It's important to note that in Spain, catching yellowfin tuna is prohibited for amateur fishermen, so these specimens are photographed and released. Other types of tuna can be kept.

During this fishing trip, you may also catch sharks, sailfish, barracuda, and various other fish species. We work exclusively with reputable captains who are familiar with the best fishing spots and techniques, and who have demonstrated their expertise. All captains possess the necessary licenses for navigation and fishing.

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We invite people of all ages to come fishing (minors must be accompanied by adults only). If this is your first time, we'll teach you everything! If the weather forecast for the sea is bad, we can rearrange the fishing trip for another day by agreeing with you, or we will give you a refund. To prevent fishing from being ruined due to sea sickness, we recommend taking a pill for motion sickness.