Coastal fishing on board Quicksilver 640 Pilothouse

Coastal fishing for Mediterranean fish

We welcome you to experience coastal fishing in the Mediterranean Sea, a favorite activity among local anglers. Depending on the season, you'll have the opportunity to catch a diverse range of fish, such as Common Dentex, Bluefish, Dorado, Sea Bass, and Barracuda, among others. Various fishing techniques are employed, including trolling, spinning, and bottom fishing. Boats typically operate within a 1-nautical-mile radius from the shoreline.

Available boats


  • captain's services
  • fishing
  • fishing equipment
  • fuel
  • drinks
  • food (catering, on charters from 6 hours)


We always strive to provide flexible services and meet your needs. If you would like to order additional fishing services that are not included in the price, please feel free to contact us!



We will meet at the port where the selected boat is located. After booking, you will receive the exact location of the vessel.


Port of El Masnou


We invite people of all ages to come fishing (minors must be accompanied by adults only). If this is your first time, we'll teach you everything! If the weather forecast for the sea is bad, we can rearrange the fishing trip for another day by agreeing with you, or we will give you a refund. To prevent fishing from being ruined due to sea sickness, we recommend taking a pill for motion sickness.